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I was a 22-year-old young guy when I first opened the doors of Stera, at the time called Levyosantuotanto (Steel part production). I had just been released from the army and heard about an open position of a laser operator and decided to apply for it. Before that I had had a summer job at a metal workshop and it had got me interested in the metal branch.

Over my career at Stera I have done all sorts of jobs. For three years I worked as a laser operator and user of a turret punch press. My responsibilities were increased little by little. First, I stepped into the role of a team leader and later of a production foreman. As a manufacturing manager I have worked since the spring 2018.


My responsibility area  is Tammela factory's mechanical production that includes e.g. turret punch presses, lasers, machining and press braking. We have about 60 workers in Tammela part production. I am also in charge of the maintenance of the machining and turret punch presses as well as for ordering the tools. All in all, the services of all machinery, equipment and forklifts used in my own area is my responsibility. When needed, I am also able to cover for our workers with the CAM-programmes. I supervise two foremen and work most tightly and closely with them and my own supervisor. During the working week I have quite many production meetings. Every week I also hold a regular info for my subordinates to cover the starting week’s assignments, possible work accidents, close-calls and reclamations.

I am a trained mechanical technician. During my years at Stera I have also been trained at several courses organised by the employer, and I have graduated from a special professional training programme in work leadership and also from one in work inspection.

I think this work demands a firm and strict character. The work must be done in time and reliably. Even if the work assignments are pretty much the same every day, every day is still different. So I would say that it is the variety in this job that keeps it interesting. This technology branch is very interesting and Stera has a well-working community.