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Shelves with front attachment

  • Deliveries include screws and nuts for installation. The maximum weight capacity is 40 kg. The shelf width is 19”. The maximum width for the device to be installed is 440 mm. Note! Cabinets with 400 mm depth are suitable for shelfs with a maximum depth of 300 mm.

Four-point mounting shelves

  • Four-point mounting shelves can be attached to the frame of the cabinet by using c-racks (max. 70 kg), or alternatively, with separate bracket racks (max. 50 kg) installed between the front and rear racks. Bracket racks are included in the deliveries. The installation method has to be specified when placing the order.


  • The installation of four-point sliding shelves requires racks for both the front and the rear side. Note! Racks must be ordered separately. Screws and nuts are included in the deliveries. The maximum weigh capacity is 42 kg.  The width of the shelf is 420 mm.
  • Screws and nuts are included in the delivery of sliding shelves with front attachment. Max. weight capacity is 30 kg. Width of the shelf is 414 mm.

Battery shelves

  • Battery shelves are suitable for storing heavier devices, such as batteries. The battery shelves are attached to the cabinet frame and they can carry weights up to 200 kg.

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