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Stera’s STP-installation cabinet 19” series has been developed for heavy usage. Our STP-cabinets are very sturdy and all the frame’s seams are welded. STP-cabinets are well suited for custom-made solutions. Powder coated cold rolled and hot zinc-coated steel sheets have been used as the material for the cabinets. Standard color light grey RAL 7045.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of 19” mounting rails
  • 6 pairs of c-rails on the side
  • The desired door type with a handle and a 8 mm triangular lock
  • Roof equipped with a MC-35 flange
  • Frame
  • Side-, back- and bottomplate

Product properties

  • IP-code: 34 or 55
  • Packaging size: 1 cabinet
  • Also customizable for specific sizes and colors
  • Cabinets are also available by fulfilling the seismic code requirements

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